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HL7 Standard Packs

HL7 integration software packs used by the NHSOur software packs with with HL7 UK standard formats

Touchstone Systems provides a set of standard HL7 interface modules which can be used in your own data warehouse, application or IT installation. These packs work with HL7 versions V2.3, V2.3.1, V2.4 (in one package), with a specific package for HL7 V3 message formats.

The application packs are used in dozens of hospitals in the USA and UK, and in a variety of applications.

Our packs are provided in both source code (Microsoft Visual studio .NET) and installation run-time format, with full rights transfer, so you can include the HL7 interface either stand alone, or incorporated within an application. All rights are transferred with the package (HL7 interfaces cannot be resold, but can be distributed as part of another package in run-time format without further licence).

The standard HL7 packages are provided with the following advantages:

  • Provided in both Source Code and Object installation formats
  • HL7 interfaces run as services in a Windows environment or modules can be called
  • Full rights (non-source resale restriction) included in package
  • No distribution or licence costs involved
  • Standard SQL Databases (patients, orders, results included
  • Database layer is separated allowing tailoring to your own database/system
  • Technical Guide (installation, support and customisation)
  • Technical support included for 1st year

The HL7 message packages are provided in the following modules and costs:

Module HL7 V2.x cost HL7 V3 cost
Patient Feeds (ADT)
Orders and Results
Clinical Feeds
Bespoke Modification of above
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